Nidhi is a designer and researcher, working on the themes of cultural hybridisation, displacement, and technology; by engaging in alternative research methods, critical approach, and design ethnography. She uses visual, digital, and sound media as tools to reflect on the socio-political relationship of innovation, culture, and hidden cyber-economies.

selected projects

Humanising Homelessness
As a design fellow and core policy team member, I designed ideation sessions, workshops, participatory design, and co-design activities that helped the City understand how we can tackle the housing insecurity in Los Angeles by creating more affordable housing.

Designing Transactions
At the Design Consultancy Services of National Institute of Design, I worked on the research and information studies of a corporate banking application to redefine the user experience and interface. This end-to-end solution was my undergraduate thesis project.

La Fábula de las Faldas
A design ethnography project, in Mexico, where I worked with Latina women to understand and deconstruct the impact of migration on Mexican communities— by using clothing as a journey mapping tool.

In my thesis, at Art Center College of Design, I questioned the nature of hidden cyber economies and developed a speculative device that physicalises an alternate reality the internet users are unaware of. And emphasised that click farms are steps towards counter-colonialism in the era of neo-colonialism.

Along with my friend and colleague, Abhay Vyas, I worked on designing an intuitive experience for a data sorting software that helps coders, managers, and other stakeholders, to look up and understand data for bing.com— to design new products and applications.

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