Passion Projects


As designers what we do in our free time is what defines our practice. And over the past few I’ve been taking out moments to work on my passion projects, through which I channeled my inner colour lover, culture-hybridisation enthusiast, and verbose documentarian.



An elaborate and verbose documentation of my work done as a Master’s candidate of Media Design Practices, at ArtCenter College of Design.


la fábula de color

During this project, I generated colour palettes, consisting of 7 colours, coupled with their inspirations. The aim was to document the colours I encountered in Mexico, the emotions, and stories I wanted to document during my field trip. My earlier colour project inspired me to think about my environment and notice minute details— though colours and material —that we go by everyday. I wanted to take the learning ahead to experience various details across Mexico City, Pasadena, and Los Angeles. 

project samvaad

An effort to explore language as a multilayered interaction apparatus, and an interrogation of its intricate underlying themes of rhythm and cross-cultural influences. Its website serves as an introductory and data collection tool, where I provide its viewers with a glimpse of research and sound design prototypes. If you're interested in submitting a specimen of your language, go ahead to 'Contribute' to know more about the process.



Collection of work, inspiration, and memories. Sketches sprinkled here and there. Super personal moodpboard that captures the range of things I’m interested in. :)


After travelling to various places in the 2015, I saw people fall in love with colour and new environments instantly. Be it the office lobby, my living room, or any new city’s lanes, I used to click an enormous amount of photos and walk through the memory lane every now and then. Taking these two passions forward I decided to work on a colour palette each day, inspired by my environment. For 100 days created a colour palette based on an image from my environment. The aim was to start noticing hidden objects and features of my surroundings, and train my eyes to capture more than usual.